Jennifer Lawrence : A poor Man's Arija Bareikis

A poor Man's Arija Bareikis

I'm sorry but JLAW is basically a Bareikis wannabe & she is not pulling it off.

Arija Bareikis 2000 should have been cast in The Hunger Games Trilogy. MUCH HOTTER a better actress, former Stanford Cheerleader. There juat is no comparison. I have no idea what the producers were thinking in giving the nod to Lawrence over Bareikis.

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I don't think it's about who is hotter...

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And which one of these women is virtually a house-hold name? Which is the Oscar winner?

Yes, that's what I thought!

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….You said this same thing about Jennifer Aniston - that she's a "poor man's Arija Bareikis".

Hollywood doesn't care whether or not someone was a former Stanford cheerleader. That wouldn't qualify them as a "better" talent. Also, Arija Bareikis would have been in her 40s during the time of the Hunger Games' release. Please tell us why a person that age would've been a logical pick for the role.

Sorry, but if Arija Bareikis was as great as you think she is, she'd have a much better, more lengthier credits list, I'm sure.