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Question about olden-day RECORD Player functions

Does anyone here have any idea about the functions of old record players? I mean like the record players people used to use 1920s (and before?), onward... Specifically, what I really want to know is, did any of the record players have the "record" function that a lot of CD players have that cassette players had, for example?

Were there any record players in the past (not the novelty ones of the recent past, but they record players of the very distant past) were combination record players and radios,, sort of like old boomboxes? The reason I ask is, I am curious rather or not people used to be able to record music and shows off of the radio and on to a record in the really old days, like they did in the 80s 90s and 2000s?

If anyone here is familiar with record players, their history, and their uses, and if you would be able to answer this question, I would be most grateful. Looking forward to replies! :-)

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Re: Question about olden-day RECORD Player functions

It was possible to record directly onto blank records, but it was never a common thing for people to own. Radio stations and recording studios might have a machine to record demos and stuff. And there were coin-operated booths where you could record a 7" disc.

Re: Question about olden-day RECORD Player functions

As the name suggests, record players are used to play records. Back before the advent of magnetic tape recorders (and the Dictaphone belt recorder), record lathes were used to make custom records of varying quality. There were recorder/players, with separate lathe for recording and tone arm for playing.