The Brady Bunch : Just because Cindy sneezed?

Just because Cindy sneezed?

In the episode where her and Carol have to get their tonsils out and cancel the boat trip, it all started because they noticed Cindy sneezing. But that's a little far fetched because everybody sneezes and it does not mean their sick. We have to sneeze sometimes to clean our noses out and kids sneeze all the time and parents don't blink an eye. Anyways, I think that they could have did the story line a little better because she only sneezed once or twice and it boiled down to her having to get her tonsils out? No way.

"Duh. You're the idiot. Not me."

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That was so dumb, Alice broke off her date with Sam just to check on one of those Brady kids.

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LOL, get a life, Alice! Go out and see Sam and have fun, geez. Cindy is in good hands.

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On a TV show, whenever someone sneezes it's devise for a plot. Ppl DO randomly sneeze in real life but if anyone sneezes on a TV show it's like, "Are you catching a cold?, Maybe we should get you to the doctor!"