The Brady Bunch : Saying Goodbye to the Brady adults:

Saying Goodbye to the Brady adults:

Nowadays, too many people think that The Brady Bunch was all for the kids and all about the kids, high school teenagers---not enough love for the parents and the maid, but they had their own share of episodes centered around them in their daily routine as well, so that will not be discounted.

Now those episodes are ten times harder to watch, especially in scenes which just feature Mr. and Mrs. Brady with their maid. When Robert Reed died, they aired a tv special years later and it was almost disrespectful to him, it just didn't seem very thought out and genuine and it over-emphasized the feud he had on set with several people instead of showing the positive aspects of him on screen...
Ann B Davis----when she died, people spent hours looking her up online and writing nice things about her online.
Florence Henderson---the true rock who held the Brady Bunch together on TV and held the fan base together online; an interesting woman she was. She lived a long full-filled life, born on valentine's day and died on thanksgiving, basically going full circle.


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Honestly, as much as I liked the antics of the kids, I always was a fan of how the adults responded to whatever life threw at them. I always thought it was cool that Mike, even though he had a demanding job, always had time for the kids.

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Watching A Very Brady Christmas this time around is much different now, maybe because Mrs. Brady died just last month.

I didn't really feel that when Alice died but I don't remember how I felt when Mr. Brady died when watching the movie.

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It's sad they have all have passed away. Ann B Davis was always my favorite of the adults. Of course Robert Reed & Florence Henderson were great too but to me Ann's humor always made me laugh. She was just great. I bought the whole series for Christmas and glad I did because it sold out fast on Amazon when Florence passed away. I can't wait to watch the show again with my family.