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The Bradley Brood

Apparently that was the name of the show when it was in the planning stage? I also read someplace that Maureen didn't like her stomach and didn't want to be shown in a bikini in the Hawaii episodes and was jealous of Eve's curvier body.

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I think they had a couple of potential working titles. I am not certain, but I think one possible title was "Yours and Mine" then a movie with Lucille Ball came out with a similar premise called "Yours, Mine, Ours" so that got nixed.

I don't know about the bikini but I do know Barry Williams said she was very self conscience about a small mole on her forehead. In the early seasons, it's there but I by Season 3, she had it removed.

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Yours and Mine was the working title.

The Bradley Brood was considered as a title after the issue of confusion with Yours, Mine, and Ours came up. However, it was nixed because 1) "Brood" sounded like a horror movie title and 2) CBS already was airing a show about a family named Bradley (Petticoat Junction).

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The network censors originally panned the title 'Brady Bunch' because 'Bunch' at the time was a reference to a gang or mob association.