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Family Feud

Saw BB cast on Family Feud today. Henderson, Reed, Olsen, Knight, and McCormick. It must have been from the early 80s.

Wow was Christopher Knight hot at this point. The years after BB were very kind to him. And he was very good at the game as well.

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Really. I'm going to look for the rerun I would like to see that

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Just saw it the other day. Looks like it was filmed in 1983.

Marcia's and Cindy's hair is longer than it was during The Brady Brides.

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A friend of mine once went out with Christoper Knight back in the late 80's (I think she said it was 1988) when she was living in LA and working as actress/model. They only went out one time. But she said he was a very nice guy and a perfect gentleman. As she was telling me the story, she pointed to her couch and said, "Peter Brady drank coffee on that very couch!" I thought that was pretty cool!

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what was her name?

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I saw that ep a few weeks ago on either GSN or BZZR network.

All I can say is Chris Knight is as dumb as a bag of rocks.
I hate saying that because I feel as though I'm insulting the rocks.

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Cast members of "The Waltons" also appeared on "Family Feud". I wanted to see a real fight between the Bradys and the Waltons. The Waltons would wipe the floor with the Bradys. The Bradys were soft. I am a city boy from Passaic, NJ. My paternal grandparents were Eastern European farmers. Most country people are tough as nails and their families tend to be closer. I once asked Grandma if there were gangs when she was a kid. She said she had so many brothers and sisters they were considered a gang. As a group I think the Waltons were much more fit. The Bradys talked about household chores and were seldom seen doing them. The Waltons had real chores on a farm.

Mike Brady gave Vincent Price a lecture when he tied up the three Brady Boys. John Walton would have dropped Price like a bad habit. Mike was a quiche eater. John served his country in the first World War. Mike was probably old enough to have served in the Korean Conflict. That was never mentioned. But it isn't surprising considering the entire five year run of "The Brady Bunch" was during the Vietnamese Conflict and that was never mentioned.

Greg probably would beat up John Boy. But I think John Boy would put up a decent fight. Just because John Boy was an intellectual does not mean he was a total wimp. He didn't hesitate to mix it up with Cousin Job. Bobby would be no match for Jim Bob. Bobby was a dreamer, not a fighter. There are four Walton boys and only three Brady boys. Which Walton boy would sit out? Would Peter Brady fight Ben or Jason Walton? Peter once knocked down Buddy Hinton with a lucky punch. I wasn't impressed. Ben or Jason probably would kick his butt.

Mary Ellen would destroy Marcia. I can't even imagine Marcia in a fight. She might break a nail. Erin versus Jan would be more competitive. Jan had a lot of pent up rage. I got in a few fights as a kid. I never wanted to fight anyone crazy like Jan. Those people have high pain thresholds. Even if their hand is broken they keep swinging. Mary Ellen had a mean streak. One time she was helping Erin wash her hair and it looked like Mary Ellen was slapping her around. I hope Mary Ellen was more gentle with her nursing patients. Elizabeth Walton would pummel prissy little Cindy.

Carol Brady was soft. She didn't work and had a full-time housekeeper. She would be no match for a strong woman like Olivia. Carol would probably want to get Alice to fight Olivia for her. Alice looked solid despite her bad back. She would have done anything to help a Brady and that included fighting.

Grandma Walton was a spunky old lady. But I think Great-Grandma Hutchins would kick her butt. Hutchins was so full of vim and vigor. I think she was from Appalachia. I forget which state. I think Hutchins was based on Florence Henderson's grandmother. Henderson was the youngest of ten children of a tobacco sharecropper in Indiana. Grandpa Walton would go through Great-Grandfather Brady like a hot knife through butter. Brady had two speeds, stop and reverse.

Cousin Oliver was the jinx of The Brady Bunch. The Waltons had TWO jinxes, Serena and Jeffrey. Serena would pick Oliver's pockets then Jeffrey would burn whatever wasn't worth keeping.

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VERY funny post, jefgg!!! The lines, "Even if their hand is broken they keep swinging" and especially, "Brady had two speeds, stop and reverse" made me LMFAO. Thanks for that. I needed a good laugh after the morning I had at work today.