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Re: List of Cringeworthy or Stupid Moments

Yes, pie fights are stupid. The singing of "Time to Change" was more funny. Bobby looked like he was spasming, lol. Jan's Miss Popularity episode was bad enough. Peter never should've given up his date for Jan and Mike and Carol should have taken off for their trip for the weekend. None of them could fathom Jan's attitude and wanted to see her give her contrived, thankless speech for a stupid popularity contest.

Re: List of Cringeworthy or Stupid Moments

1. Bobby's solo while singing "Sunshine Day." Yikes! At :50 in this clip:

2. The "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs" play in their backyard. (One of my LEAST favorite Brady episodes.)

3. The "Kelly's Kids" episode - look how cool we are adopting minorities. (Although in 1973, that WAS a big deal.)

4. Greg dressing up in a character costume at King's Island amusement park to get close to a female employee.

5. The whole measles episode, and the huge ordeal that the kids can only see ONE doctor. Also the part when Jan screams, Carol runs in and walks DIRECTLY past the male doctor, only to notice him when Jan points and says that there's a strange man in her room.

Re: List of Cringeworthy or Stupid Moments

Jan's awkward hug she gives Peter in Miss Popularity when she accepts his invitation to the dance at the end.

I don't think even Jan was to fond of bringing Peter with her

Re: List of Cringeworthy or Stupid Moments

Bobby's solo in the song 'Sunshine Day' where he breaks it down Barry White style.

Re: List of Cringeworthy or Stupid Moments

"We don't even know Joe Namath. Do we Mike?" Like Carol was so stupid she didn't know if they know a famous football player Sheesh

Re: List of Cringeworthy or Stupid Moments

Bobby's singing was far out in that performance. What makes me cringe is the cut immediately afterwards to the smarmy TV show host.

In the episode in which Kitty Carryall is missing, Bobby's kazoo disappears and he accuses Cindy of taking it in revenge. She denies it, insisting "I did naught."

I'm not crying, you fool, I'm laughing!


Re: List of Cringeworthy or Stupid Moments

The OP's post had me laughing ! I was picturing every one of those scenes and totally agree. For me they are:

When Greg has a bandage on his lip in the UFO episode. Couldn't the make-up department have done something else to cover it up?

When Greg and Marcia were pretending to be dating for Carrie's benefit. Peter comes in and ruins everything, takes one look at Carrie and starts moaning like an idiot.

In the pilot, Mike saved the cake and Carol basically pushed it into Mike's face.

When Mike had to be Carol's slave because he lost the bet about her guessing who his high school sweetheart was, she totally cheated due to the girl nicknamed Bobo told Carol who she was. And yet Mike still gave in so far as to having to get up out of bed to get Carol a tissue for an itchy nose that she didn't need in the first place.

Re: List of Cringeworthy or Stupid Moments

Especially since he bombed so badly in the Glee Club a couple of seasons earlier.