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Overscan Problems

I have a cheap Dynex 4:3 TV bought at Best Buy a couple of years ago, the picture on it looks pretty good for a 480i but the real problem here is overscan. I know all TVs have some overscan but this TV takes it to a new level like if there is an on-screen bug or an advertisment in the corner of the screen, it will be half way missing or some of the letters would be cut off. This especialy happens on the left side of the screen because not only is there overscan but the picture isn't centered correctly. Is this fixable or is it the consequence of buying a cheap TV?

Example: If an advrtisement says:


the TV will dispay it as:


Re: Overscan Problems

If your TV is in digital mode, then you should play with the zoom feature to see if the picture size changes. If there is no change, then you are dealing with the problems of buying a cheap TV.

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Re: Overscan Problems

I have looked forwards, backwards and sideways through the menus and there seems to be no way to adjust the zoom level. I have heard of others being able to adjust the overscan on a TV by accessing a service menu, if there is such a thing on a Dynex, it would be next to impossible to figure out the proper way to access it.

Re: Overscan Problems

There may be an analog adjustment on the circuit board, but I don't suggest trying that unless you're experienced in working around high voltage and have appropriate tools. Possibly even an adjustment on the back, or hidden under some door on the case.

Re: Overscan Problems

nope, not experienced at all fixing TVs. I wonder if a repairman can adjust it or something.

Re: Overscan Problems

Go on Google and do a search for your TV's model number and "service menu." You can probably adjust from there. Be careful, though.

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Re: Overscan Problems

I have tried that, its impossible to find the service menu for it because Dynex TVs are outsourced to many different manufacturers and it would be very hard to track down just who actually made that model TV.