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iPod Classic...

a. do you own an iPod Classic?
if yes,
b. when do you use it?

Classic 7th gen was my 2nd iPod, I started with an iPod Shuffle 4th.

Since my phone is with me & more liable to be misplaced, I love having the Classic as my music hard drive. I also bring my Classic with me on all road trips because 7000 songs never seems enough in the car.

Re: iPod Classic...

I own the 6th Generation iPod Classic. I use it on the road, especially in airports and airplanes, since the battery life is much longer than my droid, and has more memory (120 GB). I can watch several full length movies without the battery running out.

These were made back when Apple was good. I can't imagine owning a device that shatters the first time it falls to the ground.

Re: iPod Classic...

Yup, I've been using mines for a decade now. I can't believe it's been 10 yrs already. I remember how super excited I was to finally download the kind of music that I want instead of relying on radio to play my favorite songs. I have the 5th generation one. I also use the iPod touch.

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Re: iPod Classic...

Until they release an iPod touch that has as much storage capacity (I think they only go up to 80 Gigs, my Classic is 160) I'll stick with the Classics. Besides, I'm really not that fond of touch screens. I like the old wheel pad.

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