Gadgets : Samsung SGH D407 transferring files

Samsung SGH D407 transferring files

ok ok.

I know this is a Smithsoian flip cell phone but here me out.

Back in 2008 i carelessly broke my Samsung SGH D407 cell phone and there are some videos and other stuff I really want to get off. I managed to get one off ebay for $10 thinking I could simply unscrew them and just replace the screen flip parts; since the screen was really the only thing the broke but no luck or the screws wouldn't come out.

I then went to Verizon after attempting to go to a cell phone repair shop, but the repair shop was shut down. Verizon did however transfer the data from the broken phone to the replaced phone but for some reason the video files are in the picture folder, and when trying to play them the phone just shuts down and restarts.

Is there a cable that you could take plug it into the phone and then into the computer (I know smart phones can do it, but these older phones I'm not sure if there is such a cable) and transfer the files that way.

I mean they used this machine at the store to transfer the files that way so technically it would seem possible. After all just like from the movie Firewall the guy used the daughter's iPod to put 1000 accounts on it (now granted it won't work on the iPod but it should work from main frame to iPod to desired destination.

But anyway, I really would like to get these videos on the computer if possible.

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It depends. On my equally old phone the usb cable can only transfer address book data but not photos. Those had to be uploaded to a web page.

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Ok I know this has been over a year but my gf and I cam up with a new idea.

Use Bluetooth.

We tried to connect it via iPad.

Now remember that this old phone has no contract.


Success at least in that the phone recognizes the iPad. But when trying to connect it it asks for a PIN. I don't even know why? I tried going in another way through the iPad and there it said device not supported.

I know like probably a 95% chance the files won't play. But I just want to transfer them to device to device to device until I can find a device that will play them.

My next step would be using the computer perhaps. Bluetooth should work on the computer to at least transfer the files. Now they probably won't work there but it's still progress until I can find something that will work.

Also I'll see what I can do about this PIN thing. I'll probably need to go to Apple and AT&T.

Turns out the pin is just something to verify. I make it up and then just need to confirm on the iDevice so it can connect. So that's all that was.

But after that it just says "device not supported"

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I'm guessing that the flip-phone doesn't have any sort of memory card (like microSD) support, as that would be the easiest way to get files off your phone and onto a computer. If your phone has a slot, you might want to go back to Verizon, find out the sort of card you need to get, buy one cheaply online (ie. Amazon) and then go back to the Verizon store and have the tech move all multimedia (pictures, audio & video) files from the phone's built-in storage to the removable card. Then all you need to do is plug the card into a computer (sorry, but your Ipad doesn't have a card slot), and on to wherever you want to keep them.

If you haven't already tried, try hooking the phone up to a Linux or Windows computer, or even a Mac. You'll find a lot more protocol support with a full-fledged computer. If you're lucky you can mount the internal storage as an external drive. Lacking that, you may be able to use media transfer protocol to move your files.

Note that an old flip-phone will likely record in the deprecated 3GPP file format, and may need conversion to be playable on your tablet.

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Bad news: my PC has no chip slot

Promising news: I found a USB cable online that connects to the phone and then to the computer so we'll see if I can at least get the files off that way.

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Does that mean that your phone does have a memory card? For about the same cost as the USB cable, you can get a USB card reader. So that's an option if you can't mount the phone using the USB cable. Good luck!!!!

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I'll have to look into that because the usb cord ain't working.

It'll make the connection successful sound when connected to the computer and phone but that's it. It won't pop up with new device or usb mass storage device connected.

The cable only cost like $6.

So I'll try the reader. That's what they had at the Verizon store.

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Re: Samsung SGH D407 transferring files

Have the people in the Verizon store offered to try to get your data from the phone? If not, it wouldn't hurt to ask. Just a thought. The people at my store are quite helpful, your results may vary.