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just saw some ad on This Sony 4K TV
Sony 84-INCH 4K TV (XBR-84X900)
Unfortunately not in the Sony store of my city.
$25000 usd ouch! They say that installation is included, well in that case bring me two.
I build a garage for a $30 000 car, I should have a room build for my $25 000 TV...

Also Panasonic 152 inches 4K HDTV
Any news on that front, all the reports I saw are from 2 years ago. Imagine what this would cost...

I have a 55 inches TV and guest thinks it is too big. Imaging 152 inches, I would need a bigger house for sure.


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Way to waste money

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The one percent used to spend that kind of money just to get 480p pictures. Be patient and it'll trickle down to the rest of us. At the moment, I suspect that low end 4k will be most useful as a PC display, for situations like having several PDFs open at once for reference, or huge CAD drawings.

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Why not wait until 4k Projectors are more affordable? They already go as low as $4,000.

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I would wait a couple of years actually purchasing such a TV and projector, because UHD (4K) is still an unfinished bussiness. They have not even yet been able to decide on the final solution of what format it should be broadcasted in.
What you only have now is a few test channels via satellite, which i may add that Samsung is behind, while others produce televisions who uses other UHD formats, who can't even decode and recieve these UHD test channels.

The final solution might turn in a whole other direction, causing owners of todays UHD televisions, not even being able to recieve the regular broadcasts from the tv networks.
By that time, UHD will also have become a bit more standard, causing the televisions and projectors being a lot cheaper than todays models, who then will be considered as being obsolete, because the technology of that time perhaps will support all the way up to 8K and will be equipted with the required DVB-C2/T2/S2 tuners for UHD reception.

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Unless it's going to be a PC monitor, it's safer to wait until a new version of HDCP for 4k content is finalized.