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Subwoofer question

I have a 5.0 speaker setup and a receiver. The fronts are large floor standing speakers. So I get plenty of bass. But I have a non active subwoofer at home from another set. My question is is there any way to connect the non active subwoofer to my reviver so that I can also use the sub? Or can I buy someting to connect so that I can use the nonactive subwoofer. There is no speaker exit for a nonactive sub on my receiver only for an active sub with its own amplifier.

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Re: Subwoofer question

You need an amplifier. About the cheapest way is to get a big old stereo receiver from a thrift store, dumpster, or yard sale. Connect the subwoofer out from the receiver to CD (or Aux) in Left. Connect the unpowered sub to the Left speaker terminals. Turn the balance knob all the way to the left on the receiver, select the CD or Aux input, and adjust the volume knob so the subwoofer blends in.

Re: Subwoofer question

When you say non active sub do you mean no amp in it? or that the amp is broke?, if it is, you would need to rewire it (by-pass the broke amp)

Either your amp has a sub output from amp swithced or it doesn't. (not the sub pre-out)
My Kenwood does.
It gave you a choice - two more rear speakers (for 6.1) or sub out.

But depending on your front mains, you still may not be able to hear the sub.