Audio Equipment and Home Theater Audio : question about bare wire/plug in adapter

question about bare wire/plug in adapter

i bought a receiver for my surround sound speakers and my subwoofer. the receiver had entries for bare wires for the speakers but not the subwoofer. i bought two plugs that i connected the + and - wires to, but the entry in the receiver for the sub only allows for one plug in. does anyone know what i need now?

Re: question about bare wire/plug in adapter

The receiver probably expects that the subwoofer is self-powered, so it won't have an amplifier for the sub. If you have a powered sub, then you need a long RCA to RCA cable.

If your subwoofer is unpowered (passive), you need a separate amplifier. The cheapest way to make this happen is to scrounge up an old stereo receiver or integrated amp from the basement, a thrift store or yard sale, plug the "sub out" from the receiver into left aux in, and connect the sub speaker cable to the Left speaker terminals on the receiver.

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