Blu-ray Hi-Def Equipment : Which One? Blu-Ray player vs PS3

Which One? Blu-Ray player vs PS3

I want to get a top Blu-Ray player. I haven't decided which one. It will have a Top Chip Set. My friends say to get a new PS3-Slim as they have great Blu-Ray playback.

So which to get? I won't settle on a Blu-Ray player until I decide to get one. If I get one

Pros & Cons of each. If you've had one or the other.Then switched,I'd like to hear about it.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Which One? Blu-Ray player vs PS3

If you want a very good player, look at Oppo.

Re: Which One? Blu-Ray player vs PS3

I want a Oppo BDS-93. But my friends say that a PS3 Slim has a great Blu-Ray player in it. So to get that. It's only $250 or so.

Is the PS 3 BR player that good?

Re: Which One? Blu-Ray player vs PS3

I have a Sharp 3D blu ray player (BD-AMS20U) and a PS3 super slim. The PS3 doesn't 'shudder' as much as the Sharp. It's more noticeable when the camera is panning across an open space. Also, the Sharp is SLOW when it comes to loading, or doing anything for that matter. It just feels clunky. The ps3 on the other hand is just easier to deal with. I bought the super slim after my 'fat' ps3 stopped reading disc. I'm not sure how to prevent this, so just watch out. I'm watching on a 47" Vizio 120hz, btw.