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Sound Bars

So apparently these are the new thing in surround sound. The mid-level ones range apparently from 500 to about $1200, similar to your 5.1 6.1 and 7.1 systems. I have enough space to hold the satellite speakers however if I can avoid setting them up and having the clutter, I would gladly do so. So to anyone who has a sound bar and has had a regular system, what do you think? Are the differences noticeable? If I had $800 would I be better off buying a an $800 sound bar or an $800 5.1./6.1 system? Thanks very much.

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1. Separates, Sound bars are very bad at faking the rears. Polk and Yamaha are the better ones out there but to me it's a bedroom setup, not real 5.1. (the do a fair job on faking the left and right fronts.

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I recently listened to the Polk SurroundBar 50. While the sound quality was good, I wasn't overly impressed with the surround aspect of it. There's really no way to cheat here, go with the 5.1.

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sound bars emulate surround sound.

they do it by bouncing the sound off the walls. in a room that has opposing walls of equal length and that is roughly the shape of a square, they might work... but then, you're in a room full of echo, which ruins the sound anyway.

a decent 2.1 is better then bad (ie ready set) 5.1 and anything is better then a soundbar.. if you have the space for a 5.1.

i'll give you the common advice: if you're short on the money, go for a decent 2.0, then 2.1, then 5.1.

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