Audio Equipment and Home Theater Audio : Why is it that old receivers-

Why is it that old receivers-

-have a Dolby filter button that allows you to turn Dolby on and off, while more modern receivers don't?

Re: Why is it that old receivers-

what do you mean by "dolby"?

older c-tape players had dolby NR for noise reduction. it was on/off.

newer amps had dolby prologic for 4.0 analog surround.

dolby digital is an audio codec used for dvd and blu-ray, which allows maximum 5.1 channels, while it's variation allows 6.1.

dolby trueHD is a lossless codec used on blu-ray, in which the maximum number of channels is 7.1.

to which dolby are you referring to?

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Re: Why is it that old receivers-

It's for noise reduction, it removes high frequency hiss from tape and other sources. Some high end receivers from the late 70's through the early 80's even had Dolby FM.