The East : Same 'ol, Same 'ol...............SPOIL IT FOR ME!

Same 'ol, Same 'ol...............SPOIL IT FOR ME!

I have NOT SEEN this movie. I'm a Brit Marling fan. But, how many times have we seen someone go "Undercover" ? Then start to Sympathize with them. "Seeing the Truth", and then ultimately join them? And go against who the person(s) they worked for?

Anyways, is this what happens? I really don't want to waste my time on yet another Undercover Turn Into Sympathizer movie.

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Pretty much. Only difference is the message.

Stick to The Fast and the Furious instead.

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Since The person who is suppose to be UNDER COVER was also known to be UNDER COVER the entire time by the RING LEADER (and by another member of the Eco Terror group), the answer is NO this isn't what happens.

Because of the way that the CULT LEADER deliberately MANIPULATES the person who is working UNDER COVER into doing what he what's her to do, and he also uses his CHRISMA and his SEXUALLY as a way to SEDUCE her into doing so, what happens in the story is a much more sophisticated situation than the simplistic kind of a portrait that you've given to us.

And since the UNDER COVER girl also realized before it was too late that the CULT LEADER wasn't really a nice enough person to hand over the INFO that she had to, it also ends with his MANIPULATION of her being a FAILURE.

But it also ends with the kind of MANIPULATION that she's endured from him being a SUCCESS, due to the way the former employee is also able to see how both the company that she worked for and the CULT LEADER were like 2 PEAS in the SAME POD, before she goes on her own MISSION to EDUCATE the others like herself who were also working UNDER COVER.

So after the girl rejects the CULT LEADER (with whom she's also fallen IN LUST with during the story), the ENVIRONMENT and whoever or whatever suffers from the POLLUTION of it (or from the other kind of pharmaceutical ABUSE being perpetrated in the film) is also the WINNER at the end of the story.

So NO ...

this is definitely NOT another *Undercover Turn Into Sympathizer* situation ...

due to the way that she also has NO SYMPATHY or respect for the CULT LEADER who has USED her and MANIPULATED HER (the same way as her former place of employment did) at the end of the story ...

because it also has a much more meaningful, ENLIGHTENED, and happy ending than that ...

one where the character is pretty much also able to take the ROTTEN LEMONS that she's dealt with and turn them into LEMONADE.

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well said XXPO.

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... before she goes on her own MISSION to EDUCATE the others like herself who were also working UNDER COVER.
Yeah great mission! 30 seconds of still photographs during the end credits. That'll do the trick! Ethan Hunt has nothing on Jane Owen. 🐭

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