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DVR Audio Issue

So, I've had this problem since having my first DVR (first with DishNetwork then with AT&T Uverse).

Basically, when watching a recorded program, the audio will randomly and quickly cut out then back in, usually cutting out a word of dialog. I say "randomly" because if I skip back to watch the scene again, the audio break won't happen again.

When it started with Dish, I figured that my digital optical cable was getting pinched somewhere or it was damaged. When I switched to Uverse, I changed the cable out. However, it didn't fix it.

Seeing as how I'm running my sound from the Uverse box (which is the DVR) to a 5.1 receiver, does anyone have any idea what is happening?

These audio cuts only happen when watching recorded programs on the DVR. I use my receiver to watch live TV, DVD, and BluRay discs, listen to CDs, and play 360 and PS3 video games.

Any suggestions or advice would be helpful.


- Jay