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Cool Edit Pro need technical advice please


I'm running Cool Edit Pro 2.1 on Windows Vista 32 Bit.
I have a SigmaTel High Def Audio codec and I THINK I have a Wavemapper(?) windows soundcard.

I'm trying to use CEP to record THROUGH MY SOUNDCARD, not through the inbuilt microphone.

I know Cool Edit Pro can record from the likes of Youtube or from a media player, but I dont know how to make it do so! I need to record some little sound bites for a media project, and obviously, I want the best quality I can get!

Can any one talk me through how to set Cool Edit (or just my in built sound recorder) to record from my soundcard??
And please, while I'm reasonably tech savvy, if you could make it as clear as possible I'll give you a hug!

'What is this Voodoo Ray?!'

Re: Cool Edit Pro need technical advice please

cep is very easy to use. I have no vista version, but only run in 2000 system.
open panel, set up a new project and hit red button to record and choice higher sameples like 96k.
after recorded, you can edit your material on it. many special effect and filers for your choice. hp, lp, pp, butterworth and chibi etc.
you can adj level by change curve real time. and fft for a good filter as well.

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