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Calling all Speakers wizards.

Ok so I bought a nice pair of Kef C45 for a good price but, the problem is, one of the woofers buzz at particular frequencies. I just found out tough, that when I apply a small pressure with my finger on the membrane, the buzz is gone.

Speakers are not really my field, anyone knows what the problem might be ? there's no tear or any rupture of the speaker itself and I'd like to repair it since I can't find any replacement.

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Re: Calling all Speakers wizards.

The foam is old or dislodged from the speaker edge so it's vibrating too fast and acting like a tweeter at a certain frequency. Common, are they used and about seven years old?

Get a kit and refoam them, if they are around 7 years old or older the other one is about to go or has totally went, you may not hear a buzz but the bass is gone.

Call someone like this, it's not hard to do.


Re: Calling all Speakers wizards.

Thank you, that's exactly the kind of reply I was hoping for !

and thanks for the link, they seem to have what I need.

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