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Blu-Ray Audio problems (Distict 9)

I've tried changing the output audio settings on my player from bitstream HD to PCM 5.1, PCM 7.1 and PCM Stereo and neither of them work!!!!! Same bull crap. Along with this I even change the audio option on the actual distict 9 blu-ray menu from DTS-HD to the other option and still nothing. I don't have the money for a freakin' reciever let alone a home theater system. This is *beep* all my other blu-rays play and sound fine!!!

My 32" HD TV has a built-in Audio Amplifier, well that's what it says on the sticker located on the side of the screen.

List of blu-rays that work

Rambo First Blood II
Blade Runner
Raging Bull (a recent release)
Wall E
A Clockwork Orange
Hulk (2003)
The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Edit: I put in Rambo First Blood II, and obviously the sound works just like every other blu-ray expect district 9. Anyway I clicked on the audio button and it was set on DTS-HD Master Audio and it was playing. Distirct 9 is set on DTS-HD Master Audio as well, and even after tweaking with the sound menu on the district 9 blu-ray disc menu as well as with the audio menu on the blu-ray player (I've tried all your suggestions) and it still doesn't work.

since rambo first blood 2 worked and D9 isn't and it seems they both share the same audio options, does this mean that maybe the Distict 9 disc is faulty?

Re: Blu-Ray Audio problems (Distict 9)

Take the disc back and exchange it. At least rule that out first, because clearly your other discs are working. So that suggests it's not a problem with your hardware, but to know for sure you want to try a different District 9 disc.

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