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Wireless Headphones

Hey everyone I'm not sure if I'm putting this in the right section but I have a question I'd like answered.

I have a Sharp Aquos 37 inch 1080p with a ps3 and 360 as well as bell express view satelite and my little brother is always complaining that my tv is too loud because the sound is very good. Now I just got a new job and I was thinking of buying a set of Wireless headphones for the TV so I dont disturb anyone. My question is does anyone know a good pair of wireless headphones I should buy? Any price is fine. I've looked into a few but I'm not sure. I just want ones that have good sound quality, that are loud and that have a nice fit and will connect to my HDTV.

thanks in advance!

Re: Wireless Headphones

Try search for wireless headphones and check out the reviews.

Re: Wireless Headphones

get 900 Mhz, instead of infared (IR), unless you are always going to be sitting directly in front of the TV at all times. IR are direct line of sight only, 900 you can go anywhere in the area,
most all of them around 100 dollars sound pretty good.

Re: Wireless Headphones

I have some Sennheiser wireless headphones that are really good. Range in unbelievable. I think you can get them on Best