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Soundbar Help

I am thinking of adding a soundbar to my 46 inch led/lcd flat panel tv instead of trying to put together a home theater system. Allready have a Sony blu-ray player hooked in using HDMI and pq is great; it's the aq that I don't like useing the tv speakers. Would like to keep the cost down. Any ideas would really help as far as brand and hook-up would really help... Thanks

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If audio quality is what you're after, then i'd recommend a compact 2.0 set rather then a soundbar. really compact meaning active speakers.

while the soundbar may - in perfect conditions - offer a reasonable simulation of a surround sound, the actual sound quality compared to two speakers.. well.

off the top of my head may i recommend Genelec 6010 or 8020 active speakers? you do not need an amplifier and they are small - yet the tiny 6010 can blast 105db (measured at 3ft) and, most importantly, the sound quality is quite simply, amazing at the price/size.

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Re: Soundbar Help

Or get some good stereo speakers and a receiver from a yard sale, thrift store, or recycling bin. With some luck or patience you can acquire a reasonable surround receiver and add more speakers until you have the full surround set.