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Composite audio acting weird

Hi guys,

Here's the thing. It's kind of long so I'll be as brief as possible.

I trying to set up a TV/monitor to connect to a laptop. Connecting from TV (RCA) to Laptop (3.5mm) directly (that is, with no intermediary) works fine. Audio sounds perfect.

BUT... The thing is, this particular TV is mounted to the wall. There are RCA ports wired between two walls, which is what I ideally want to plug the cables into.

So, essentially, the setup looks like this:

Laptop ---> Wall (RCA OUT) ----------|||----------> Wall (RCA IN) ---> TV

OK, so there's no reason it shouldn't work. I've worked with several similar setups. But the sound just won't work! The only way to get it to work is to remove the RCA cables at one end and touch the prong to the outer metal portion of the RCA port. Touching the metal together makes the sound work perfectly, but actually plugging them in doesn't work.

This has occurred on two different setups I've dealt with, both installed by the same company.

Right now I have it working with a crude setup with a couple of paper clips between the prong and the outer portion of the port. It works fine, but I want to be able to plug in like you're supposed to.

I've already tried a bunch of things. It appears to be wired correctly, and I've tried several brands of cables and the same issue occurs.

Does anybody know what might be causing this?

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Maybe the wall wiring is done wrong, like with hot and shield reversed. People sometimes make mistakes, or don't know any better. Check it with an ohmmeter or cable tester to make sure.

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I agree. The logical explanation seems to be the tip and shield wiring is reversed.

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Re: Composite audio acting weird

Thanks a lot, guys! [happy]

Re: Composite audio acting weird

Composite audio? i never hear for it

there is only composite VIDEO.

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same company?

i did not see so many tv/monitors with rca stereo in

1. plug rca out from laptop to some other amp to see that source is working

2. get music deck, turn the music, and plug it into that ''monitor'' conectors