Audio Equipment and Home Theater Audio : trying to find a particular set of sony fontopia's

trying to find a particular set of sony fontopia's

they were first made probably about 7 years ago and my wife and I both thought they were great for the gym.

They were simple sony earbuds but the cord leading from the earbuds to the "Y" point had one side longer than the other so that the longer side would loop around the back of the neck instead of dangle in-front, great for jogging and prevents it from getting caught in equipment.

I'm thinking they were the MDR-EX51LP but no site I've come across has gave any hint that it had the longer cord on an earbud.

If these are retired, are there a new model that's out that has the same design? I'm also really trying to avoid anything that has volume control or a mic built into the cord since that just throws in awkward weight that pulls on the headset with motion.

Your help is greatly appreciated

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