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Volume Control - Component

I'm looking for a device that I can use to control the different audio levels when I burn DVDs for friends. I know it's old school (non-computer), but it's easier for me. I sometimes use multiple sources with different volume levels. In the past, I would run the dvd audio through my old tape deck, which had a volume level (w/meters) and adjust it through that.

There's got to be an easier, cheaper way.


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to my knowledge, there's no real easy way to do this. You need a program that has an Automatic Level Control or ALC.

You can run the audio through a small DJ mixer, which might be a little easier to work with.

I use a Teac A6300 reel to reel for volume balancing if it's needed.

Re: Volume Control - Component

What I would like is simply a device that I can run my audio component cables through that would allow me to adjust volume levels. It would also need a meter of some kind, LED or an old-school needle. That's it. I don't need equalization, although that would be a plus too. I'm not looking for a computer program.

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Then the small DJ mixer is exactly what you are looking for. You feed the audio from the DVD through the mixer, then back to the comp.

Something like this.

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Sweet. I think that would do it! Thanks.