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MP3 Audio Files on DVD-ROM

Looking to buy a DVD-ROM with a lot of MP3 audio off Amazon. I know I could listen to it on my computer, but will I be able to listen to it on a typical CD player in my car? It's not a high tech CD player, looks like it's an original factory installed CD player on a 2003 model Chevy. I've researched it some and it doesn't look like it would work in my car, but I always like to double check. Thanks for the help.

Re: MP3 Audio Files on DVD-ROM

No. Maybe if it was a CD/DVD player in a minivan. Some car CD players will play MP3 CDROMs; if you have one of those, then you could copy files off the DVD onto several CDRs or CDRWs.

Or, convert the MP3s to wav files and burn a proper audio CD, but it'll take a stack of CDRs to record all the contents of an MP3 DVDR.

But your best option is to just copy the stuff off the DVD onto a standalone MP3 player and play that through the stereo. Hopefully it has a 3.5mm input jack, or you could try an FM modulator. Beware of the Belkin Tunecast models; those tend to be very low power unless you hack them (check Amazon reviews).