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Need audiophile advice

I a trying to decide between 3 microphone headsets. I am usually very good at picking hardware based on tech specs but audio is a little outside my realm of experience. I need some experienced audiophiles to examine my 3 choices and give opinions of how they compare to one another. [...] 30?crid=36

That reality and the facts do not support your argument is in no way my problem.

Re: Need audiophile advice

That's difficult to answer without actually trying the side by side. Specs don't tell you if the pads will make your ears hurt after 40 minutes. Specs also aren't very comparable between brands since they don't all test the same way.

Check out the reviews at Amazon, or I was very impressed with the sound quality and comfort of the cheap Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 headset (and my regular headphones are the $200 Sony MDR-V900).