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MK S150 THX System: How Much?

I've been to the MK site Amazon,ebay,Google Shopping. No luck on price. I've called MK dealers. They won't quote MK over the phone. Have to come in if I want a price.

But I need to know how much it cost. There's a system available on Craigslist. But I won't to know how much a New system is worth. And then his,which is 3 yrs old. 2009 to be exact.

3 S-150 THX Fronts (L/C/R)
2 SS-150 THX Tripole Surrounds
1 MX-350 THX Subwoofer

The system is sold as a whole. Or by the individual speaker.
The seller bought the System as a whole. But,for the life of me. I can't find anywhere the price of S-150 System.

I need help. Thanks!

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Re: MK S150 THX System: How Much?

Miller & Kreisel went under several years back. MK could be Chinese knock-offs, so be careful. You're looking at their flagship models too. I think your best bet would be to go used, but make sure all of the paperwork is there with verifiable serial numbers too. Original M & K (that's a hint too...not MK) speakers were one of best bang-for-a-buck speakers you could buy without spending huge amounts of money. (Like anything else, no matter how much money you have, somebody has something for you.) Good luck on your hunt. (...another option might be to go with their 'K' models. I was lucky enough to get a pair of K-5 fronts, K-4 tripoles for the rear, a K-17 for the front and a pair of Surround 55's for a 7.1 system. The only MK piece I have is a KX-12 sub, but the little bugger can cause pancreatic damage if used improperly. Lots cheaper than the THX line, and only one or two db's off here and there, so they can be used for REAL FRICKIN'CLOSE THX reproduction. [ a matter of fact, my a-hole landlord is trying to break my lease because of my late-night activities. FRIG HIM HARD!] Sorry I got so long-winded.)

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Re: MK S150 THX System: How Much?

Ken Kreisel (of Miller & Kreisel) seems to operate under his own name now:

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