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Does THX-certified sound systems even make a difference?

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Re: THX Making Their Own Equipment

It defines a certain level of performance. It's not going to be the best available, and not everyone agrees with their choices when it comes to speakers. It would be great if TVs came with a preset that came reasonably close to ISF or THX calibration.

I think they'd be smarter to just keep promoting it as a quality benchmark and cash the royalty checks from licensees. Manufacturing and distributing actual things entails a lot more effort and risk. Unless these will just be "badge-engineered" products made by someone else and just tweaked a little.

Re: THX Making Their Own Equipment

Do you own a movie theater and charge admission for people to watch big feature films? If so, then THX certification is something that you'll want to pay attention to.

If you're a home movie watcher, not really.

If you listen primarily to music, then avoid THX like the Plague!