Formats : JAWS 1 2 3 4 on Blu-ray???

JAWS 1 2 3 4 on Blu-ray???

I saw a post on Facebook so thought I would share it here.

Apparently Universal thought it was a good idea to give each Jaws movie an individual Blu-ray release. I already own Jaws on Blu-ray and I will probably pick up Jaws 2 but I don't think I will bother with 3&4. Is anyone else picking them up and what does everyone think of the retro style artwork?

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Like you, I already own the original Jaws on blu-ray, and like you, I'll only go as high as Jaws 2. Jaws 3, which had a monster Great White loose in Sea World, except for its 3D and that it stars Dennis Quaid, I found it fairly forgettable. Jaws 4 (The Revenge) brought back Lorraine Gary as Chief Brody's wife Ellen (Chief Brody died of a heart attack, from fear, according to Ellen), which was good. It was nice to see her again and have some continuation to the Brody family story. Michael Caine is Ellen's new love interest, and two talented young actors star as the Brody kids, now grown up, Mike and Sean (Sean was the shark's first victim), but the story, about a Great White shark specifically targetting the Brody family as revenge for the deaths of its predecessors, was absolutely silly, and the shark looked like total foam rubber.

Universal's Airport movies, which they also just released together as a "Terminal Pack" on blu-ray, also experience varying degrees of quality in terms of story and visual FX. My personal favorite in that series is Airport '77, because I found the story, about a mid-air art heist gone wrong in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, the most intriguing and suspenseful, and because the visual FX with miniatures are the most convincing, hold up really well even to this day.

I like how the blu-rays use the ORIGINAL movie poster artwork.

For other excellent shark movies, Amazon user reviews say The Reef is very good.

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Yes, I already own the first one on blu-ray (twice) but I will pick up Jaws 2, 3 and 4. I'm really excited for Jaws 3 since it's in real 3D. And I actually saw Jaws 3 and 4 more than the first one as a kid so it's pretty nostalgic to me.
I also think the artwork is very nice.

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Just received my copy of Jaws 2 on blu-ray. It looks great! Michael Butler's beautiful underwater and surface cinematography is one of the things I've always loved about Jaws 2!

The sound of Jaws 2 is 2.0 channel DTS-HD mono, sounds pretty good, with great low bass in John Williams' DAAA-DUM music notes. Unfortunately Jaws 2 didn't receive the royal 7.1 surround remix of the original Jaws, but this is to be expected since Jaws 2 did only about half the box office gross of the original Jaws. I tend to favor the 2.0 channel mono mix on the original Jaws on blu-ray anyway, since Johnny's DAA-DUM music is up front, center and loud. It sounds quite thin and weak in the 7.1 surround mix.

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My 3D Blu-ray of "Jaws 32 is on its way. I know it's garbage but I'm a 3D addict.
Having now watched the disc, the movie is still garbage but some of the 3D is OK.
Unfortunately the 3D version is treated as an extra/afterthought so anyone not paying attention won't even know it's there.
Much of the movie is very grainy and many of the scenes suffer from chromatic aberration which probably can't be corrected.
For some reason many of the optical effects were composited on video and look awful. They looked awful in 1983 but no one seemed too bothered then and they certainly aren't now.
Like "Comin' At Ya" and "Amityville 3D", if there's been any attempt at restoration or realignment, it doesn't show.

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That chromatic abberation you mentioned is as much a problem with '70s and '80s Panavision anamorphic lenses as it is the 3D process. I've noticed this refractive edge look in many Panavision anamorphic movies of the time, including the original Jaws and Dirty Harry. After Die Hard, Panavision anamorphic lenses got sharper and the spherical lens Super 35 format began to take over.

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awesome. i love all the JAWS movies. i'm buying them

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I believe theres some kind of rights issue that prevents a full Jaws box set from ever being made. Even in the DVD era I have a box set that just has Jaws 2-4 in it.

Always liked Jaws 2 so I picked it up. Also picked up Jaws 3 since this is the first home release of the film where we can see it as it was intended, in 3D.

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I already had the 100th anniversary edition of Jaws. I brought the other three films recently. Over here they were 10 bucks each, so $30 bucks was nothing. 4 is still as terrible as I remember.