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Audio/Visual Sync Issue

I got a Samsung LED TV (with great picture by the way) as a Christmas present in order to get the most out of my Blu Ray collection that I've been building up. I was baffled when I first got everything hooked up because the audio and video were out of sync, with the video coming before the audio. I messed with the audio delay and everything but it never worked. I tried several HDMI cables and eventually discovered that all I had to do was switch which end was going into what, but the issue is that I have to keep alternating the input/output depending on what movie I watch.

I use my DirectTV box/DVR and Xbox 360 on HDMI 1/DVI, while I use my computer and Blu Ray player on HDMI 2. I only have two HDMI ports, so I have to switch the cables depending on what I'm using. The only thing that has the audio delay issue is the Blu Ray player. I even switched Blu Ray players and had the same issue.

Each HDMI cable is running directly from two of the four objects I mentioned to the TV without a receiver. Could this be my issue? I find that strange though since I only have that problem with the Blu Ray player. Any help to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Audio/Visual Sync Issue

If you still have this problem, check your blu ray player's setting and make sure 24p playback is set to "on". Sometimes it's not activated on the default settings and can cause audio sync issues.