Displays and Projectors : How do you keep a LCD from tipping over?

How do you keep a LCD from tipping over?

I'm going to pick up a 50+" LCD in the near future. I'm going to mount it to the pedestal it comes with and set it on a table. But how do you keep it secure? I'm recoiling in horror at the mere thought of it falling over and having the screen break open.

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Buy a front screen projector...the sanyo plvZ5 is the best inexpensive projector out there.. I watch 80 inch movies and use my toshiba HD player with it. THe new HD transformers looks unbelievable on it, as the lens is truly sharp, as opposed to the new Epson $2,000 plys 1080p projector...which has been reviewed with a soft lens. A decent pull down screen cost less than $150. Now those HD toshiba players are very cheap....total system with the sanyo will be less than two grand. Sanyo gave me an extra free bulb.
That's how i keep myLCD from tipping over...I never bought one.

80 inches is just another world.

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Or, if you don't mind a bit more effort, pick up a CRT front-projector. Prices on the used market have really dropped in the past few years. They're much heavier, and trickier to set up, but they'll do a higher-quality picture than any digital projector you can afford.

But, if you're determined to buy a flat panel display, there should be some places on the back to secure the panel to the wall. Or maybe you can bolt the stand onto the table or entertainment unit.