Displays and Projectors : Numbers 5, 8 and 0... also volume control

Numbers 5, 8 and 0... also volume control

the numbers 5,8, and 0, as well as my volume control, has stopped working on my remote. Being an old television, I don't think a replacement remote is possible.

Any fix-it ideas? Anyone else suffering from old gadgetery?
On this same TV, if I use the panel on the actual TV, and I push two numbers at the same time, I get a multiple (e.g. push two and three at the same time, and I get 6). Sometimes it just puts random numbers though (like 6 and 8 give 1, I think).

If I use the channel up/down buttons on the remote, it always goes to channel 2. And sometimes the volume on the TV panel actually turns off the TV (you begin to understand my major volume problems now).

with so many defects, maybe I could sell it on eBay as a gag gift. Any of you interested?

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Re: Numbers 5, 8 and 0... also volume control

If the TV's not too old (e.g., one of those ultrasonic remotes instead of infrared), you can always pick up a universal/programmable remote and see if one of its configurations works.