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Does anybody else love this character? I found it hilarious, i just watched this movie for the first time yesterday and this character played by David Sherrill caught my eye. I mean he's facial expressions and lines are very funny and the fact that he drinks brake fluid makes the character even more amazing! :D

"Aaagh! I'm tweakin', dude!"

That's gotta be my favorite line :P

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David Sherrill is a good actor all around. I think that he and James Bozian really pulled the "gang" together with the buddy approach and the bit of comedy that they add to the film. He had some great lines in The Wraith. One of the better characters, in my opinion.

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IMO, Skank and Gutterboy made this movie.

If you can read this then you are trying too hard.

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Skank was easily the best and most likable character in the movie.

He even had the coolest car, too. The '66 Barracuda was awesome. :)

"JESUS! This sh*t's got some kick!" :D

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Skank and Gutterboy were great comic relief. It was almost unfortunate to see those memorable buffoons get killed, but they had it coming.

Hey there, Johnny Boy, I hope you fry!

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I had seen the movie in El Paso TX when it was in the theaters, I then moved to AZ. I was 19 or 20, living in Arizona and found this feral kitten that was psycho. He hopped up on the hood of my 1971 barracuda when I parked at my apartment. He walked up to the windshield and looked at me...I took him in and named him Skank...he lived up to that name.

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They were the only ones not to get killed in a race, but after that incident the night before when they chased Jake on his motorcycle he probably didn't consider them "worthy" opponents at all.

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I did, him and Gutterboy were great. Sherilyn Fenn looked fantastic in this, I love the red bikini scene.

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I liked the character too. He was goofy and always drinking some sort of auto fluid and acting permanently fried, which was hilarious. His hair color changed throughout the story too. I laughed my butt off when Sheriff Loomis comes to find them working at the airport yard and he says, "Can I call you Skank?" who replies, "Sure, unless you like Maurice better."


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Skank was a total hoot.

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