Displays and Projectors : Help please

Help please

I recently bought a rear projection TV that runs at 1080i. I have two questions.
1. Why is the bottom of the screen cut off? (ie the ticker on sportscenter)
2. Why is there a blue shadow around certain areas when my PS3 is on? I have it set to 1080i setting and everything looks great except that. I really notice it on the map on GTAIV where the road is yellow.

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Re: Help please

I'm not sure about 2, but the answer to number 1 is overscan. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overscan) I guess Sportscenter isn't using a title safe for their ticker.

Most new LCDs and Plasma tvs have no overscan, but CRTs and rear projections do.

EDIT: It's also possible that the image isn't centered on the screen. You can adjust the centering, usually in the convergence adjustment section. There should be little marks on the frame of the screen, and you line up the marks on the screen with them (at least, that's the way it is on my tv).
If this isn't the problem, then it's just overscan.