Displays and Projectors : Help with finding an HD TV under 2000$

Help with finding an HD TV under 2000$

Hi all. i know this is probably really redundant with the same questions over and over again about which TVs to get etc. But i've tried to look at different threads with people asking the same thing as me but everyone has different aspects they won't or don't want so every thread is almost unique. So here is mine, if you nice people can help me out

I'm finally ready to jump into the HD bandwagon in the coming month or so and i really want to make a good and informed decision when dealing with such expensive stuff.

So here are my minimum requirements :

1. Has to be 1080p
2. Has to be under 2000$ Canadian (with taxes if possible)
3. Has to be bigger than 32'' but smaller than 50'' (im in an apartment not a house :P)

I will probably buy a PS3 so this TV will mainly be used for Blu Ray movies and SD DVDs (i have over 500!) and obviously High Def gaming.

Now first of all, LCD of Plasma? I really can't decide between the two. And second what are the best brands? I'm sure everyone likes different brands and it will mostly be personal opinions rather than general consensus. But i really want to know what's the best. I hear alot of people telling me to go with Sony and Samsung but what about Sharp or LG? I'm sure every brand has their pros and cons. It's so difficult to narrow it down to one when everyone is telling you something different and everyone is backing a different brand.

So yeah mostly i really want to know in which direction to go in.

It would be awesome if you could show me links of TVs you find. In Canadian dollars please.

links from www.futureshop.ca or www.bestbuy.ca would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance for ANY help!