Displays and Projectors : Dead/stuck pixels on PSP

Dead/stuck pixels on PSP

I am returning a PSP today as it developed a stuck pixel after 3 weeks, I appreciate that all things break eventually but I would like to get at least a years worth of use out of it before things start to go wrong.

It has put me off buying a LCD TV.

Any advice or thoughts on this matter?

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Re: Dead/stuck pixels on PSP

Don't let it put you off. LCD TV's are rigorously tested to make sure that stuck/dead pixels are few and far between.

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Re: Dead/stuck pixels on PSP

stuck/dead pixels are a part of the technology. Their frequency of their occurance continues to decrease, but it still exists. I had a stuck pixel on my laptop screen, but a little massaging fixed it for now.

I would also advocate a plasma tv, though that is not without its technological shortcomings, such as image retention. Just buy a TV with a good warranty and don't worry.