Displays and Projectors : n00b advice request

n00b advice request

Hey everyone.

I recently saw an in-store demo of a HD TV playing a blu-ray disc. & i was really impressed with the quality that i saw.

so i'm currently looking to take my first step into "Full HD Television" land, but sadly, I'm more than a bit lost. between plasma & LCD, which manufacturer, & all the other things that i need to know, i dont know where to start...

so, im hoping that someone here could point me in the right direction.

Im looking for (ideally) a 42" Full-HD TV, from a brand that isnt going to fail on me, for a reasonable price (i know, asking alot aren't I?)

Im in Australia & was also wondering if there is any good local web sites that could help me get a good deal.

thanks in advance for any help you can give :)

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