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LCD Smudge Problem

I have a question about my lcd hd tv and was wondering if anyone could help me out. I noticed what looks like a gray smudge on my lcd screen. IÂ’ve tried everything to get it off. You canÂ’t see it when the tv is off, but if there is a clear white or light background it just looks like someone just touched the screen in one spot. IÂ’ve tried cleaning it and even tried using the music visualization screen saver thing from my Xbox 360. I was thinking it was maybe image persistence. It just wonÂ’t go away. Could it be a something went bad in the screen in one spot? ItÂ’s just in one spot. ItÂ’s not horrible, but noticeable. Thanks for your help if anyone knows. IÂ’d like to get rid of that damn smudge lol.

Edit: Never mind it's gone finally.

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Re: LCD Smudge Problem

I think what you have is known as clouding which is a real nuisance for many LCD owners including myself. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any way to get rid of it.


Re: LCD Smudge Problem

We have a CRT TV and never have such problems.