Displays and Projectors : Rear ProjectionTVs - problems?

Rear ProjectionTVs - problems?

a friend is moving and is offering me her rear projection TV

aside from the storage issue, is there anything bad about rear project TVs?

should I be keeping my smaller TV as a backup?

Re: Rear ProjectionTVs - problems?

Depends on what brand it is. How old it is. How many hours the lamp inside has burned. etc. Rear-projection sets doesn't last as long as regular TV-sets. Does it use CRT projection or does it use LCD? You should not pay much for it. Because it will be worth next to nothing on the second hand market. Once you bought it you will have trouble getting rid of it. If the picture looks good then buy it if the price is low. Otherwise save your money for a flat-screen TV. The picture quality differs a lot between different brands and sets so make sure you like the picture. And once again. Don't pay much for it. Doesn't matter if it was very expensive just a few years ago. Nowadays big rear-projection sets are not worth more than an old-fashion, small screen tube-TV on the second hand marked. Meaning, not much money at all.

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Re: Rear ProjectionTVs - problems?

thanks for confirming my suspicions, I've heard some horror stories from others about them having very short lives, though my friend assures me that's not the reason for wanting to sell it. there's a transport issue too, since we both only have small sedans. although it sounds like a good way to get a bigger TV, but I think I will just get a LCD when they come down in price, I also prefer buying stuff new, I've had some bad experiences with second hand VCRs

Re: Rear ProjectionTVs - problems?

A used CRT RPTV could be OK, IF the contrast hasn't been cranked to the maximum by default, the way it usually is in stores, so that the tubes burn out prematurely. If it's recent enough to be HD capable, it's worth taking a look at.