Displays and Projectors : 3DS WTF?


Did you guys see nintendo on e3? My mind was just blown too pieces. They got an actual 3D screen (no glasses), that is insane. I heard they where doing it but I thought it was mostly bs. I almost felt sorry for sony that was coming up next, pushing their 3D glasses and lame wii-mote. However I can't wait til sony get's their greedy hands on this and pick it apart, not only do I want too know how it works but I want it in 50". Or even better to replace my windows, or maybe the walls. No release date or price tag though which kinda sucked. I also just got my optical internet cable today so I'm feeling all futuristic :) makes me want too go look at those startrek pads apple are selling (only not from apple).

Re: 3DS WTF?

The reason why the 3DS works is that when you play a handheld console DS, one's eyes are at a relatively consistent angle to the screen (i.e., looking at it straight on), no matter who you are. That enables them to create a screen that directs the left-eye view to where the left eye would likely be, and the right-eye view to the right. That technology is NOT going to work on a 50-inch screen, unless they intend it for a single viewer sitting in a specific spot. Move two inches in either direction and it stops working.