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A Warning

This here is a warning for those of you who intend to purchase any sharp product.

I purchased my 42" Aquos almost three years ago, about 6 months ago dark streaks
started to appear on the screen and have increasingly gotten worse. I had the outlet grounded and even bought a power filter when I purchased the item. Last week I e-mailed Sharp about my issue and do you know what they did? NOTHING!!, not even a return e-mail. I'd advise anyone who is foolish enough to consider a Sharp product to reconsider. Since they do not give a rats a$$ about the customer once they have your hard earned green. I for one will never again purchase any item that is a sharp product. Now, off to the other consumer forums to spread word on how Sharp does not care about you, only your cash!!

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Re: A Warning

Mine did it after about a year. I think it's called delamination and would cost the same to repair as a new set. Apparently fairly common with LCDs.
I'll be getting plasma next.

Re: A Warning

Did you maybe pay for it on a credit card that increased the warranty?

Re: A Warning

My Sharp has a dark streak (only one so far), and I didn't know what it was. My TV is five years old, and my warranty was for three, oh well. Thanks for the info about delamination and about Sharp.

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