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Dead HDMI ports

Anyone have HDMI ports fail on their TVs?
I have 3yr old LG lcd and 2 of 3 ports no longer respond.
Any known fixes?

Re: Dead HDMI ports

HDMI ports and connectors aren't the most rugged connectors in existence. Surface-mounted connectors and lead-free solder won't help either. I'm guessing the connectors have pulled away from the circuit board. It may be feasible to resolder them. Or possibly just get a replacement for the input board; if it's a really common problem, someone may sell replacements on an exchange basis.

Or, get an external HDMI switchbox from Monoprice, or an HDMI receiver and use that for source switching. And be gentle with the one remaining HDMI port.

Re: Dead HDMI ports

"get an external HDMI switchbox"

This will have to do before I kill the port myself from cable switching.