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SONY BRAVIA question

hey i just purchased a 46 inch sony bravia after my first was stolen and upon turning it on i notice something. the screen has what looks like dark streaks running vertically down it causing a sort of striped appearence to the picture. this isnt on the screen, its actually in the picture. its most noticeable during panning shots and looks almost like an odd type of screen burn (althougth it isnt). does anyone know how to get rid of this or atleast know what it is caused by? ive tweaked around with picture settings but that doesnt get rid of it.thanks.

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Re: SONY BRAVIA question

All I can recommend is do up your research next time man, especially on electronics.
If you did your research, you would have heard that this is a particularly common defect.
Nonetheless, try going on cnet.com and visit up their forums on there and see if you can find a resolution or not.
I would say try SONY support but I hear it is just your ordinary run-of-the-mill waste of time support.
Or if you bought it at the electronic giants, they could maybe help you out, MAYBE...!

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