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My Old TV

I hope this question doesn't seem too stupid. I have an old TV. I mean really old. It has a picture tube. I inherited this from Mom and Dad when they got a flatscreen.
I have been watching Frasier and somewhere around season 10 I've noticed that there are more tight shots on the actors. The program used to have wider shots that incorporated more that one actor at a time. Now it's like one head shot after another.
Here's my question. Is it because I have an old tv that this is happening or was the show filmed or is it being presented in a different manner?
Sorry if this sounds stupid but I am puzzled.

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Re: My Old TV

Starting in Season 10, Frasier was produced and broadcast in high definition, which meant its aspect ratio became 16:9. So apparently, whenever your broadcaster is airing the show in standard definition, it's cropping down the picture to a 4:3 aspect ratio to fit your screen.

Re: My Old TV

On top of the cropping from 16:9 to 4:3, there's the fact that tube TVs routinely overscan the picture. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overscan