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Calibrating my Bravia

Just bought a Bravia, and while the color is good I'm thinking it could be better. Without calling in a tech, how do I calibrate it myself?

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You can probably improve it by setting the colour temperature to warm or 6500, set picture and brightness to the middle, and turning sharpness down.

Calibration discs like A Video Standard or Digital Video Essentials come with a blue filter to help adjust the colour.

Beyond that, you'll need a way to measure colour; they sell relatively inexpensive gadgets like the Spyder so that digital photographers and artists and publishers can calibrate their computer monitors. If you're an electronics DIYer, there's plans to build a USB colour probe from scratch, along with software that supports a number of storebought probes:

Check out AVSforum (and other home theatre enthusiast forums); you may find a thread discussing your particular TV, with info on how to get at the service menu, and maybe a consensus on ways to improve the picture without instrumentation.

Re: Calibrating my Bravia

Thanks very much!

Re: Calibrating my Bravia

You can download a free calibration disc at AVSforum, if you haven't figured that out already. It even includes an informative video courtesy of HD Nation. The image can be burned to a DVD5, but it has to be played on a Blu-ray player. There's also a set of mp4 files which should work on media players like a WDTV or smart TV.

This Yahoo Answers answer has a good list of test discs:

In a pinch, a lot of THX DVDs include the "THX Optimizer" which has some basic test patterns.