Displays and Projectors : Adivce please 65' projection tv

Adivce please 65' projection tv

I have a Mitsubishi 65' DLP 1080P TV that 2 yrs old. The lamp went out. I find out the $200 I paid for the extended service plan doesn't cover the lamp. Fine they give me a Parts Manufacturer number that tells me to go on a website. Well Geez where the hell did customer service go??

Call anyone tell me if lamp replacement difficult?

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Re: Adivce please 65' projection tv

Replacing the lamp consists of removing two screws to release the panel door, sliding the old lamp cartridge out, sliding the new lamp cartridge in, and replacing the panel door with the two screws. Detailed instruction should be found on page 94 of your owners manual.

Lamps for projection style TVs are never covered under warranty since they are a consumable part that is expected to fail after a certain length of time (this should have been explained to you at purchase). This is one of the reasons why rear projection DLPs are slowly disappearing from the market. A new lamp cartridge should be around $100.

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Re: Adivce please 65' projection tv

I know my thread is old but I just wanted to add that when the first bulb died I called a tv repair place and the charge for getting the bulb from them was $150 and the labor was $100. Well the bulb died a 1 yr later ( I watch my tv a lot!) and I bought a new bulb from a great online store called Shopjimmy for $54 and also pulled up their youtube tutorial for bulb replacement and did it myself in less than 10 mins! As for the salesperson mentioning the bulb -no one did. Certainly not the company I got the extended warranty from which was the same as the tv brand -Mitsubishi. Of course in very small writing the contract states the bulb is not covered so I should have read the fine print. Glad to say the tv still looks & runs great after 5 yrs with no other problems and the new bulb is still going strong after a year.

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