Displays and Projectors : Calibration settings for my TV! Help? :/

Calibration settings for my TV! Help? :/

I need some calibration settings for my TV (Philips LCD TV 32PFL3504D 81cm/32" 1080p).

I feel like I've looked everywhere on the internet and no one has anything on this goddamn TV. It's really frustrating. And I really don't feel like paying almost 1K for something I could probably do myself (and with the help of the internet).

The factory settings aren't that great and give skin tones an orange tone and crushed blacks. Any help?

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Re: Calibration settings for my TV! Help? :/

Most LCD TVs can be fixed by doing the following:

Turn the sharpness all the way down.

Turn the brightness down until the blacks look black.

Turn the contrast down to about 1/4.

Also check the backlight or luminance settings, as those are usually set far too high.

As for the orange skin tones, stop watching Jersey Shore :P Seriously though, just try turning the color setting down a bit and if there's a "color temperature" setting, try changing that. TV display default settings are designed to look good under bright store lights, it's usually just a matter of turning a few settings down.