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Panasonic Viera TV Help Version 2

We lost power due to a blackout...bummer.
Lights came back on an hour later...excellent
Went back to sleep 730am CST woke up for work and came home 930p
TV didn't turn on whatsoever...major bummer

Tried the trouble shooting idea the manual said "unplug and plug in after a few minutes"
Moved it to a different outlet hoping for a miracle nada
The power ac cord is detachable so is a tv of a different brand so I tried switching the Panasonic to the Vizio...nada
Finally moved the 42" paperweight cause right now it is a paperweight out the way and using the 19" Vizio.
Such a downgrade in size after getting used to the 42" wonder of my new tv.
In answer to your possible questions
No I don't have a warranty...bought it "as is" at Wal Mart
Yes the Panasonic cord is attached currently to the Vizio tv so it's not the cord

I'm S.O.L.?
My TV is majorly F.U.B.A.R.
I'm up you know what creek without a paddle?

Well the 19" is small compared to the 42" but it's something until God willing my 42" is fixed


Re: Panasonic Viera TV Help Version 2

You may not have exchange privileges at Walmart, but there still should be a manufacturer's warranty, unless it has expired Also, some credit cards automatically give you an extended warranty.

Apart from that, if it's completely dead, see if there's a fuse that could have blown. You may be able to find a service manual online that will explain if there's a fuse, and where it lives. (Sometimes fuses are mounted on a circuit board and not intended to be user-replaceable).

You could take it in to an electronic repair shop. I can't say what that would cost.

Or, offer it on Craigslist, and some geek will pay something for it. Or, it's possible you could find someone to repair it for less than a storefront operation would have to charge.

Re: Panasonic Viera TV Help Version 2

Even if you don't have a store warranty, you probably have a manufacturer's warranty, typically a month to a year.

Since the damage was probably due to power line transients when you lost power, or when it was restored, you're probably not covered by a warranty. You might want to look for a local TV repair shop or Best Buy that can see if it's just a blown fuse or something more serious. Is it worth $50 to get an answer? Is the old set worth >$50 in working condition? If the answer is "yes", then have it checked out.

Since you didn't mention any direct lightning strikes, it's entirely possible that the fuse saved the set from being destroyed. But forget about trying to fix it yourself. "No user serviceable parts" really is true IME w/ HD TV sets.

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If it reads in the warrenty, that Force Majeure is not covered, then a power outage causing the tv going broke, is not covered.

Force Majeure:
1. Superior or overpowering force.
2. An unexpected or uncontrollable event.

A power outage is an unexpected or uncontrollable event.

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LOL...I've heard of disclaimers that mention "act of god", but never saw one that named the god! Force Majeure sounds more like an obscure superhero than a god though. ;)

Disclaimers like this are BS--they wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in hell if the injured party litigated it in court. They're banking on the strong likelihood that most folks don't have the means or free time to wage a lengthy court battle.

So for all practical purposes it's up to the consumer to provide sufficient power line protection for their gear. Too late for the OP, but a good policy for those who can't afford to buy another TV, and don't have an insurance policy that might cover the damage. Unfortunately the poorer you are, the more you need to spend on protecting your investment.